Why Should You Watch Extraordinary Attorney  Woo?

Why Should You Watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

Sep 07, 2022

Looking for a coming of age Korean drama with strong female lead who is supported by people around her including the sweet male lead?

Then look no further …. Just jump right away on Extraordinary Attorney Woo which has become one of the most watched and highest rated Kdramas of 2022.

Extraordinary woo is a legal drama that presents the story of Yoong Woo who has autistic syndrome since birth and is brought up by a single father.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Poster, Picture Courtesy: ENA

Drama – Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)
Rating – 8.9 (IMDB)
Cast – Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, Kang Ki Young, Baek Ji Won, Jin Kyeong

Here are 3 reasons why you should be binge watching Extraordinary Woo –

1 Strong Female Lead

The plot of Extraordinary Attorney Woo revolves around Woo Young Woo played by Park Eun Bin.

She has autistic syndrome which makes her a genius with high IQ but young woo is different to normal people.

She doesn’t understand the twisted world and is as innocent as a child. However she is exceptional at her job as a newbie Lawyer and is courageous enough to take any difficult task.

2 Supporting Characters

The plot gets developed through some sweet and some bitter characters. However the show doesn’t represent any character as evil that you will hate them.

For example Kwon Min Woo’s character may make you cringe in the beginning but afterward you will get to know his mature side and you can not just hate him.

Other than him Yoong Woo’s mother Tae Sumi played by Jin Kyeong also seem to be mean however she doesn’t appear as evil as a villain in such shows can be.

All other character are quite supportive toward Yoong Woo that include her friend Choi Su-yeon , her senior Jung Myeong Seok, her cool best friend Dong Geurami , and of course her father Woo Gwang Ho.


3 Office romance

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is not all about court room and legal terms. The show gives all moments to blush and crush over our sweet male lead played by Kang Tae Oh.

This Netflix original has definitely increased fan following Of Kang Tae Oh and made him most loved male lead of 2022.

If you are a fan of office romance then you won’t be disappointed. There are many cute and crushing moments in the drama , like when Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho try to look at each other through curtains in the office.

The kissing scene was the most talked moment in Extraordinary Attorney Woo where Kang Tae Oh teaches Park Eun Bin to kiss.

Get ready to have an emotional roller coaster ride while feeling butterflies in your stomach whenever Kang Tae Oh will be on screen.

Don’t miss out to this masterpiece if you are a true K-drama fan and wanting to watch something new and fresh.

However if you have already watched Attorney woo you can watch these similar K-dramas to watch.

I hope you enjoyed reading this K-drama review.


What are K-Dramas similar to Extraordinary Attorney Woo?
Good Doctor
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Law School

Where I can watch Extraordinary Woo?
You can watch in on Netflix
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