How to dress in fall 2022 according to Korean Fashion?

How to dress in fall 2022 according to Korean Fashion?

Oct 14, 2022

Do you want follow the same dressing styles as your favorite Kdrama actor or you Kpop band bias?

October is knocking on the door, which means a chance to dress up in the best possible ways for this fall weather.

Trends in fashion has been more inclined towards the Korean style recently. Kpop singers and Kdrama actors have already started to style themselves appropriately for the autumn weather. is India’s best Korean fashion friendly clothing online brand, that offer a wide range of Korean fashion influenced apparels.

One of the best things about our store is that all the apparels that you will find here are conceptualized in Korea, for the Indian Agassi (Women/girl).

Why is the Korean Fall Fashion trendy?

Korean fashion in general has become a talk of the town, because of the unique color patterns, layering, prints and inclusion of denims.

Minimalism and the comfortable design ideas are widely accepted by the people not only in Seoul, but in other countries also, which has allowed the Korean Fall fashion to become a fashion trend.

Neutral colors, black to brown-ish patterns, all the desired fall clothing items can be found in our store Agassi and Sanai.

Let’s dive into the details of the appropriate latest Korean fall fashion items:-


Dress in Layers

Autumn weather is unpredictable, as it can either be sunny or cold at any point of the day.

Dressing in layers can be a savior for you during the constant weather changes.



In order to protect yourself from the windy weather, you can layer dress over a shirt, just like Jisoo (Blackpink) in the above picture.

Here is our guide – Try Solar Dress or Minnie Dress with a turtleneck or a chunky sweater underneath. You can carry it with a Denim Jacket for a perfect fall look.

Or you can add a fall themed jacket over your neutral pants and black tees just like Taehyung (BTS) did.

Image Credit: Twitter

You can combine dresses, or skirts with a shirt, and add a scarf or a long coat to make a perfect Fall ready outfit, with a Korean touch. An oversized striped shirt can also be thrown over a basic jeans and tee outfit. See how Joy from Red Velvet and Lisa from Blackpink has carried the same look.



Try our Saeron Striped shirt or Jeongyeon shirt paired with Moonbyul jacket to get exact look !

Or take a look at this Tzuyu Co-ord for something unique !


Fall associates mainly with the brown, grey or black colors, which are under the neutral color pallet.

Pastel colors can also be added in your outfit, which are mostly preferred by the Koreans.

However, it is best to avoid the bright colors such as red, sunflower yellow, or green from the outfits.

Image Credit: Facebook(IU Fan Page)

You can dress like IU, in a neutral-colored suit, with a basic white color blouse shirt inside. The best thing is to maintain the neutral color pallet for the outfits in Fall season, to match with the Korean fall fashion trend.

Check this neutral-colored suit like IU! Or try Hyolyn Co Ord for something new.

To experiment with colours in this fall I suggest to go for soft muted colors prefered for Fall in South Korea. See how A Business Proposal star Kim Sejeong slayed this.

Try this Sinhee Co-ord & Wheein Set for such colours or go for Soojung retro dress which will remind you of fallen leaves and yellowing trees.


Prints and patterns are always in within the Korean fashion trends.

It can be seen that the Koreans have a separate obsession over the patterns or prints in clothes, despite of their preference in the neutral or pastel-colored clothes.

Plaids have always been timeless parts of fall or winter prints. In place of the traditional plaid prints go for Jennie Button Down Dress or Ara Cut Out Dress as a fun fall twist. See how Jennie (BlackPink) carried it – Credit: Kpopping

And special mention should be for Plaid skirts that are a fall staple.

Give yourself same look with Liz Pleated Skirt or my customers all time favorite Rosé skirt.

You can also find floral printed dresses, as well as several other patterned dresses like Irene at our store. Give yourself a Kdrama female lead look this fall with this Go Eun Wrap dress print !


Summer, winter or autumn, denims are the regular clothing items for the people in Korea. Therefore, it will be a mistake to not include denims in the Korean fall fashion trends.

See how Lisa (BlackPink) and Shuhua (G-Idle) slayed these denim dresses.

Image Credit: Unnielooks


Image Credit: Inkstyle

Get this same look with my favourite pick Jian Denim Dress !

Or try Boram Tiered Denim Dress & Haerin Dungaree Dress for all over Denim look this fall !


Final Thoughts

The Korean fashion fall trend is not hard to follow, which will also help you to accentuate your looks among everyone else.




How to combine layers according to the Korean fashion trend?

You can visit our online website to find some of the best layered outfit recommendations.


What should we not wear in fall season according to Korean Fashion trend?

You can avoid all the bright summer colors. You will only get appropriate Korean fall Fashion trend recommendation at our store


Will the Korean Fall fashion be available for people here in India?

Yes, will help you find Korean Fall fashion trendy outfits that are appropriate to wear in India.

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